Google Summer of Code 2014

I’m posting this after a long time.

My interest in blogging was revived after one of my friends recommended I start writing about my work in this year’s Google Summer of Code project.

What is GSoC?  Well,  it is  a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open-source projects.

About my project

I will be working with CrystalSpace, which is a 3D game engine. My project is titled “real-time dynamic fracturing of 3D objects“.

Sounds too cool? It is.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Videos are worth even more. Here is a link of what I want to achieve : Fracturing Demo


Still want words?

Basically, my task is to add a functionality to CrystalSpace which lets users simulate fracture or “breaking” of any 3D object in real-time. What does “dynamic” mean then? It means the fracture pattern will be real-time too i.e a glass will break different every time the program is run.

I will be posting more about my work as I code along.