Welcome to Jekyll!! (Meta post)

It seems like a valid title to mark my ~ half-decade hiatus from blogging. My last post about camera representation was around the time I left college. Soon after life hit, and I never came back.

Since then, I’ve worked at a startup, university, two years of unemployment, and now I write code infrastructure in the rendering team for a CAD company. I’ve tried to be a purist about writing, only 3D software to the degree one can find such jobs in a country like India, which has a (mistaken) reputation of being cheap outsource-able grunt work but not actual engineering/R&D country. Hence very few such jobs.

Throughout my jobs, I’ve worked on scientific visualization, realtime-graphics, C++, performance optimization, nonlinear math, clean legacy mess – but never all in one place on a single engine. I feel I’d have grown much more if I did. My dream of a Carmack-style career of mastering abstract math to silicon – remains unfulfilled for now. Anyways, I digress. I’ll write more on this later.

The point of this post is to announce I’ll try to write more regardless of response. I want to share knowledge and develop more constructive output for venting. I’ll mainly write technical posts as well as my experience working on small to very large-scale software – observations about :

  •  Managing projects/people
  • Good (and bad) engineering
  • Tooling, release management, debugging tips
  • Working with people with very different skill sets
  • Attempts developing as a specialist in a generalist team
  • Meta-analysis on understanding political/social implications of our work; finding creativity within silos of well-defined scope, etc.

Feel free to share with people who may find my tirades helpful, and reach out to me on Twitter.