First blog post.

Hello World!

My name is Nilay Engineer, and this is my first blog post. Since I have no past experience of writing, my posts may seem out-of-focus/unprofessional. But I do not care.

I am trying to develop blogging as a productive pass-time to meet new people around the globe and share new ideas (Let’s admit it, Bloggers are cool.)

The most difficult thing for me when starting this blog was to make myself find a topic to blog about. It was not that I did not have anything in my head, but it was how to pursue a single line of thought with many other things in my head. Even right now I have random ramblings inside, but it is tough to combine them into a single topic.

But since this is a relatively new blog, I am not afraid to commit any mistakes. I wish to mature with my writing so that years from now, I’d look up this first post and laugh about how skeptic I was about the blog idea , how insecure I sound in this post and how much has changed in my writing.

Bragging Rights:

  • I am an 18 year old resident of Gujarat,India.
  • I am currently pursuing my undergrad studies(Computer Engineering) from LDRP Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • I love to gorge on food, read, and sleep. I play basketball, and getting good at it 🙂
  • I have a deep passion for Computers and the Armed Forces. I someday wish become an Army Officer.
  • I recently “converted” to atheism, thanks to my smart-ass friends who gifted me a copy of “The God Delusion” on my birthday.

Besides that, I am one of those my-work-is-my-life kind of people. Hence, I do not have separate work/life distinction. I rather have mundane/interesting columns of distinction.

Anything, however remotely related to computers, amuses me to no end. Full knowledge of Linux, embedded systems, parallel processing, interactive design, realistic graphics and Mathematics are some of the main things I wish to conquer before I graduate.

That seems enough for a first post. I assume anyone visiting this post would be kind enough to leave any comments below.

Constructive criticism is especially welcomed.